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More affordable than a tear off. Depending on condition of existing roof a 2nd or 3rd layer may be applied. Drip edge is used to hide existing layer(s). New venting, soil stack covers, valleys or chimney flashing may still be applied if necessary.

Tear off
Start fresh! Tear off all existing layers of roofing. Re-deck with new plywood (if necessary) or replace sections of rotted wood. Apply ice/water shield to protect from harsh winter damage and ice buildup. Seal your roof and fascia with drip edge to match the trim of your house. Update your venting with Cobra ridge vent allowing proper attic ventilation. Throw in a skylight to let some extra sun into your favorite room of the house. Top it off with a 30, 40 ,50 year dimensional or 3-tab shingle.


Got a leak? Maybe a shingle or two are missing. Want to add some extra venting? Depending on the condition of your roof, a simple repair may be all you need.

New work:
Whether your building an addition, or putting up a new shed, garage, house, etc (residential or commercial)

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